Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NFL Blitz Awesomeness

   NFL Blitz is the greatest football game ever. Before Blitz, football video games consisted of titles like Madden which tried to simulate the sport in a realistic fashion. That may work fine today, but for me it just wasn't fun. It was tedious and frustrating.

   But hold onto your asses because here comes Blitz. They made a game that cut the bullshit and replaced it with action, lots of action. No more refs, or penalties . Any sense of fair play is gone, because this game will cheat you so hard, you will be on your knees screaming. This game was accountable for most of my broken controllers.

   Do you remember those old Blitz arcade machines with the memory card readers? You could play your own team on an arcade machine. How many games have done that? Although it seems a little redundant, it's just icing on the awesome cake that is Blitz.


  1. I'm too young, I missed all the awesomeness...

  2. ah, I realy miss the old arcage machines...

  3. My favorite football game, was John madden '92 for the SNES, WHERE THE GODDAMN AMBULANCE RAN OVER THE PLAYERS.

  4. Ahh lovely machines from the old times..:) I am really missing it. There was a great fun time spent on playing!

  5. Oh man. I forgot all about this game. They used to have it at a pizza place in my home town and I used to jam quarter after quarter into it.

  6. you got a tear out of me

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